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How to Use the DAR Legal Information System

This document will highlight the more advanced features of the Search.

  • Phrase search ("")

    The double quotes (“ “) may be used with two or more words to capture these as an exact phrase.
  • Example: “agrarian reform”; “voluntary offer to sell”; “land acquisition”

    Without the double quotes, the system will look for two words either jointly or separately as the space in between is recognized by the system as the operator AND.

  • Wildcard Search

    The asterisk (*), or wildcard, can be used as a substitute for a word or group of words in a phrase, and locate variations of the phrase/s.

    Example: “agrarian * reform” – will look for agrarian law reform

    “land * program” – will look for “land reform program” or “land transfer program” or “land acquisition program”

    The wildcard can be useful when the researcher is unsure of how a phrase was written.

  • Boolean Search

    Boolean search allows the researcher to use two or more words linked by operators (and, or, not).

    AND – will look for instances of the words together in the same document. A blank space between words also operates as the “and” operator. Symbol: &

    Example: agrarian AND agriculture

    agrarian & agriculture

    agrarian agriculture

    OR – will look for instances of the words alternatively. Symbol: |

    Example: agrarian OR agriculture

    agrarian | agriculture

    NOT – will remove or exclude the word after the operator NOT. Symbol: -

    Example: agrarian NOT agriculture

    agrarian -agriculture

    Note that when the symbol (-) is used, there is no space between the symbol and the word after it.

    Because the dash (-) is also used as the operator NOT, simply typing Admin Order 07-03 will instruct the system to look for Admin Order 07 and to exclude 03 from the search parameter. The use of double quotes will override the exclusionary function of the dash (-).

    Example: “Admin Order 07-03”


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